Gaining Efficiencies by Going Mobile

One of my clients had a requirement in their sales department for a mobile quotation system.  The focus was on sales efficiencies within their sales team.

As a consultant, I come across many mobile apps. My immediate thought was to use an app called GoFormz, which I use myself.  The app essentially allows you to convert your existing forms into an electronic form for use with tablets and mobile phones.

In the design phase, the customer’s key user (sales person) and I immediately realised where the potential efficiencies would be gained.

The realised gains were in reduced time at the office and more time on the road, speaking to potential customers. The sale person was able to get customer sign-off on an iPad, then send the signed quotation (as a work order), back to the office in real time, thus expediting the entire order to manufacturing to delivery process.

After a little fine-tuning, the customer went live this week and is enjoying the efficiencies gained by moving away from a paper trail.